Business Areas

Domestic Port

LocationHalls in sqmProperty in sqm
Bamberg27.000 m²65.000 m²
Nürnberg13.500 m²61.000 m²

Inland Waterway Transport

We have specialized on the East-Western tangent – keeping the main focus on the Rhine-Main-Danube exchange traffic but also navigate the Moselle, Elbe and the Neckar - with our own fleet and our affiliated shipping companies.

In cooperation with our sister companies Preymesser and Väth, we have at our disposal a shipping fleet (individual vessels and docking units) with a maximum ship length of up to 186.50 meters, a maximum ship width of 11.45 meters and a maximum load capacity of 5,500 tonnes.


BAVARIA posses own storage and transshipment facilities

  • Storage areas, open, divided
  • Storage rooms, colsed, partly heatable
  • Special warehouses, e.g. for crop protecxtion products
  • special warehouses for bulk cargo, e.g. grain, animal feed, fertiliser
  • Special warehouses for china clay with sifting plants
  • Special silos for bulk cargo sensitively against wetness
  • Grain- and animal feed-silos with aspiration-, ventilation- and drying-systems
  • Silos for cement
  • Silos for fly ash
  • Equipments for bagging and palletising of grain and animal feed


BAVARIA are organising transportation service on Roads, Railways, Waterways, and transport chains that integrate road, rail and water.
To find the best solution and inddividual logistic concept for our customers request is our profession


Insurance Agency

An independent insurance broker acting in the classes of the insurance as below:

  • Life, health, and personal accident insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Building insurance
  • Factory insurance
  • Carriere´s liability insurance
  • Automobile insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Legal protection insurance